Seiko Divers SKX779 & SKX007


Yao 007

I first met  Bill Yao of MKII Watches, at an informal gathering in NYC. It was mostly guys from the Broadarrow MWF (Military Watch Forum). I think I was the only one there without a Yao converted Luminox. I brought my Titanium Tutima AF Nato Chrono and a few pocket knives.

There was one other person who's name I recognized, Bill Sohne the Timezone Omega Forum moderator. He had a bunch of rare Omega 30T military watches in this big gym bag. Every time he put his hand into that bag a watch that was rarer then the last came out. I think he was wearing a  5508 Rolex Submariner.

I did not think of getting a Yao 007 until I saw one on the PMWF (Poor Man's Watch Forum). After a little research I put the 779 up for trade and was thrilled when another Seiko fan wanted to trade a 007. The first picture shows the way I got my 007.

I went for the works:

Sapphire Domed Crystal
Aluminum Chapter Ring
Sword Hands
300 MoD Dial


skx779-mesht-4.jpg skx779-carbon-3c.jpg s779-bali-1.jpg  
s007-kev-2.jpg  s007-mesh-o1.jpg  s007-yao-card-2.jpg  s007-yao-5.jpg 
 s007-yao-jub-1.jpg s007-yao-rub-2.jpg  s007-yao-tl-2.jpg  s007-yao-pc-3.jpg 
 s007-yao-jub-3.jpg s007-yao-lum-2.jpg     

A word about the Bracelets and Straps

I've had the Jurgen Mesh bracelets for a while. I think I was the first to order one in the USA. They are very well made. I think now Jurgen has a even thicker model with double deployant and nicer deployant links.

The Jubilee bracelet is direct from Seiko. It fits the watch perfectly but it's of the folded link type.

The Straps are from everywhere. The Hirsch Professional is quite well made and I probably got it from a Sales Corner. The Rubber one came from Ebay with a satin Deployant.