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hideMy Corewar
hide94 Warriors
leafA one-shot that doesn't scan (bar QS)
hidePiltdown 2003
leafThere were many variants, mostly beginning with 'Q' once I started adding quickscans. e.g. Quilt, QUI*T
leafThis family shares a common strategy, which is to try and locate the enemy's QS, stun or delay it, then start clearing from approximately 100 (Max Warrior length) locations earlier. The intent is to act as an anti-QS that catches warriors at startup. First in the series was Dire Wolf which was for a tournament round that limited warrior length to 50 locations. The next significant (and my favourite) was LuckyLuke this too was for a tournament round (the rules revented the use of MUL). The warriors are subdivided into jmz and seq scanners.
hideJMZ style
leafOne of my favourites. Tournament rules forbade use of ADD/SUB The scanning gap of 20 locations (the smallest I could find using MUL) was larger than I'd wanted but worked well / was instructive. Came 2nd in R5 of John Metcalf's 2002 Spring/Summer tournament.
leafFor tiny hill
hideSEQ / SNE style
leafR4 entry John Metcalf's 2002 Spring/Summer Tournament My first one-shot.
hideToxic Spirit
leafKOTH during much of 2002/2003 yr. [but less so than Recon 2] Loses to basic A K Dewdney imp.
hideBubbly Creek B
leafToxic Spirit variant. No decoy.
hideBubbly Creek A
leafImp-safe variant of Bubbly Creek B.
hideHungry Jack
leafToxic Spirit II Fixes bug in blocker affecting Toxic Spirit/s and Bubbly Creeks. Has Bubbly Creek A imp safety and Bubbly Creek D improvements. Stronger than Toxic Spirit but the 94nop hill is nolonger susceptible.
hideLuke N'Vader
leaf1-shot for Sal LP hill In at #2 behind The King (handshake assisted)
hideSnail DVD
leafBomber with two clears. One slow (for backup) the other named for the original author, David Van Dam. Uses a QB (Quick bomber). Made #17 on 94NOP Jun08 2002.
hideSlimy Time Vamp
leafLP warrior entered for R2 of John Metcalf's Spring/Summer Corewar tournament
leafSnail DVD without 'snail' bomber removed.
leafKNP range ("Kill NPaperII")
hideFat Expansion
leafThis is join 88 and ICWS version. Adaption of Robert Macrae's tournament-constrained One Fat lady. Briefly made the 88 hill. Still on ICWS hill after 3yrs.
leafR3 entry John Metcalf 2002 Tournament (88 rules)
hideTrItE Fighter
leafR3 entry John Metcalf 2002 Tournament (88 rules)
leafWeak warriors mostly for 94m hill fodder.
leafR2 entry John Metcalf 2002 Tournament. Limited process.
hideTriple Glaze
leaf3 Dclears. Similar Three Bears
hideThree Bears
leafWas meant to be Frenzy, Random Rage, entry but relied on CORESIZE
hideBinary Dingus
leafEntry for R9 Fizmo's Redocders Frenzy round. Rule required all post compile digits to be -1,0,1 This boots and launches an imp spiral. It calculates the required constants in the first round and stores them in p-space. A flaw in the check to see if constants have been calculated can result in every subsequent round failing if a key pspace entry is corrupted. I coded all night and still didn't complete the handshake in time.
hideEdgar Variation
leafThis is slightly changed version of Edgar's great Silver Talon. Included here just incase anyone's curious as it was on 94nop.
leafThese were (some) variations on a theme. I forget the order of devleopment and which did best. The Initial idea was to have papers with a gap in them so that HSA style scanners wouldn't wipe the entire paper if they started at the beginning.
hideKandias Kan
leafOne of Kandias, Kandias Kant, Kandid
hideWyatt Earp
leafScores 265 vs Toxic Spirit
hideEarp Jnr
leafR6 entry Redcode Frenzy
hideFirst KOTH (94nop)
hideFirst 94nop
hideFirst 94x
hideFirst hill submission
leafThought I'd found a weakness in HSA!
leafAll weak except Confused Moth which was tournament constrained.
hideConfused Moth
leafR4 entry John Metcalf's Spring/Summer 2002 Tournament
leafR5 entry John Metcalf's Spring/Summer 2002 Tournament
hideContorted Naph
leafRandom Rage, Frenzy entry. Poor
hideThomson & Thompson
leafToxic cross nPaper II. Poor.
leafLow(est) scoring hill-pinger!
leafWinner of IRC 30min mini-tournament Sun 16 Mar 2003 Rules required all digits to be -1,0 or 1. Binary Dingus had similar constraints but was much more involved.
leafEntry for Neogryzors 3rd challenge