Welcome. This is a lightweight portal about Corewars, the computer simulation game of strategy played between two or more warriors (aka computer programs) hand-crafted using Redcode - an assembly-like programming language.

For full information, hills, links and the pmars simulator see John Metcalf's portal and/or Fizmo's Corewar Info.

John Metcalf has announced The Spring 2014 Core War Tournament to celebrate the 30th anniversary of A K Dewdney's initial, May 1984, article on CoreWar in Scientific American magazine.

The tournament will be held at The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge UK but entries can be submitted by email, with provisional deadline of 01 May 2014.

Was won by inversed followed by Roy van Rijn & Zul Nadzri

The Down The Core And More Tournament (2006), organised by Nenad Tomasev.
Was won by inversed followed by Chip Wendall & Mizcu

Was won by Chip Wendall followed by Roy van Rijn & S.Fernandes

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